"Shielding Your Home From Harm"

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  • How often should I water my foundation? +

    When the soil starts to "shrink away" from the foundation, it's time to water. The south and west sides of a structure will normally need more watering than the north and east sides due to the exposure to the hot, afternoon sun. Also, many large bushes and trees require lots of extra moisture...so their presence can be a major factor in how much you need to water.

  • Are all engineer reports the same? +

    No, There are 3 different types of engineer reports

  • What are the different types of engineer reports? +


    1. Make visual observations during a physical walk-through.
    2. Observe factors influencing the performance of the foundation.   
    3. The Engineer may provide a written report, containing the following:

    All of Level A, plus

    1. A determination of relative foundation elevations in sufficient detail to represent the shape of the foundation or floor adequately.
    2. Provide a drawing showing the relative elevations.

    All of Level B, plus

    1. Additional services, testing and related reports which may include
    • Site specific soil sampling and testing
    • Plumbing testing
    • Material testing
    • Steel reinforcing survey
    • Description of factors that affect soil moisture
    • Observations of cut and fill
    • Tree survey
    • Photographs
    • Detailed distress survey
  • How is a plumbing test performed? +

    There are 2 simple tests performed..  First a pressure gauge is attached to a faucet and the faucet is opened .  As long as all water use is stopped, the gauge will show the pressure at which water is delivered from the street.  Next, the water meter is turned off.  If there are no leaks, the pressure on the gauge will remain constant.  If the pressure falls, it means that water is escaping from the lines  under the house. Second,  the sewer line is blocked off with a balloon where it comes out from under the foundation at the clean-outs. Next the sewer is filled with water.  Given that the sewer is blocked off from the main, if the water level in the sewer drops, there must be a leak.   

  • What is a root barrier? +

    Root barriers can be solid objects, sheets of material, zones of chemically treated soil  or any other barrier that keeps roots from growing into areas where they are not wanted

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