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Ten Most Common Signs of Foundation Problems

  1. Sheetrock cracks appear or seams become visible inside the home.
  2. Doors and windows stick or stop working properly.
  3. Cracks become visible in framing around doors, windows, ceilings.
  4. Flooring separates, or tile cracks appear.
  5. Floors begin to slope or slant (often cracks appear.)
  6. Gaps or spaces appear at the top or bottom of interior walls.
  7. Expansion joints open up on exterior walls.
  8. Brick cracks or “stair-steps” appear on the exterior.
  9. Unexplained plumbing problems persist or become evident.
  10. Roof problems or leaking is discovered.

Other signs include general unexplained cracks,doors or drawers that open on their own, unexplained noises in the framing and any visual slanting defects.

If you see any of these signs, please don't hesitate to contact us for an inspection.  Delaying repairs only increases the expense of repair.

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