"Shielding Your Home From Harm"

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WHY Foundations Fail in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

Climate + Soil Type: Over the past 10 years, the North Texas area has experienced climate changes. Severe drought conditions, interespersed with brief, heavy rains has caused imbalances in the soil.  Natural expansion and contraction takes place througout the seasons, but the extreme variances stresses even the most solid foundations. 

Grading issues:  Most housing lots are not flat prior to new home construction and lots must be leveled prior to construction.  Unfortunately, quite often soil in improperly compacted and can result in erosion or recession over time.  

Improper drainage:  Most homes are developed with a drainage plan in place.  However, there can be changes that effect drainage patters.  New landscaping (yours or your neighbors), poor gutter installation and general erosion can wreak havoc on a foundation.  Signs of drainage issues include areas of standing water which accumulates after a rain. 

Plumbing System or Irrigation System failure:  Just like not enough water can affect a foundation, so can too much water. Leaking pipes beneath teh foundation or irrigation leaks can cause soil to heave or erode away.

Tree Root/Landscape effects: Trees love water and as they grow, their thirst  for water can deplete the balance of water under the home. Overtime this can cause excessive contraction of the soil under the home, which contributes to foundation sinking and failure. Be cognizant of root growth when planting trees and shrubbery.

Inadequate Construction/Failed past repair:  Unfortunatley, we often visit homes with f oundation problems that are the result of faulty construction. We also see many homes experiencing new foundation problems as a result of past foundation repairs previously attempted.