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Slab Repair

Metro-Tex Foundation, Inc. specializes in drileld-pier foundation repair. Metro-Tex is focused on refining the techniques required to install drilled piers correctly.

Why we use drilled pier technology:

  1. It is the oldest and most proven method of foundation repair. As it is also the most time-consuming, many companiues have switched to cheaper alternatives.  Not Metro-Tex, we remain focus on quality installation. 
  2. We know hat we stand on! If shallow rock or bedrock is encountered, we have methods to mitigate those barriers.  Other methods stop when they encounter objects. 
  3. Concrete is forever.  Concrete never stops getting stronger and never rusts.

While drilled piers are our preference, Metro-Tex has the equipment, man power and knowledge to install steel piers and precast concrete pressed pilings. 

Family owned and operated since 2000 has helped ensure quality foundation repair on each home. Attention to detail and pride in our service is what we value. Our priority is pride in our work not the profit margin at the end of the week.

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Pier and Beam Repair

Metro-Tex Foundation specializes in the "difficult jobs," which include pier and beam foundations. A thorough inspection is conducted before any recommendations are made.

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Landscape Solutions

Metro-Tex Foundation offers a variety of landscaping services to the homeowner upon completion of work including mulching, trimming of trees, and irrigation systems.

Metro-Tex Foundation recommends a drip irrigation system for its efficiency and flexibility. Drip systems are a method of irrigating plants that works by slowly dripping water to individual plants with small hoses. A properly installed drip system will conserve water, prevent soil erosion, and prevent weed growth. Metro-Tex Foundation can customize a drip system to match the indivdual needs of any garden, flowerbed, etc.

Metro-Tex Foundation's landscape specialists understand the climate of the DFW area, and can recommend the best vegetation for climate conditions and foundation health. Certain vegetation can improve drainage, and therefore lead to better foundation health, however, the root systems and water consumption of some trees and shrubs can cause problems to a foundation. Metro-Tex Foundation looks at each case individually and can tailor recommendations appropriate for maintaining a healthy foundation.

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Root Barriers

Trees have extensive tap root system that extract large amounts of water from the soil, which can cause major damage and require home foundation repair.

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Drainage Corrections

Foundation drainage is essential to the health of a foundation. No matter how well built a foundation is, it needs proper drainage to stay in the best condition. Some soil in the DFW metroplex is expansive, which means it will expand when wet and shrink when dry. These soils can negatively impact the integrity of a foundation. If the saturation of soil is kept at a constant level, a foundation will be less prone to need repair.

Metro-Tex Foundation offers many solutions to regulate drainage property, including drains, pumps, and barriers. The most commonly used drains are the french drain, which contains a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel, and surface drains, which slope away from the foundation to prevent water from collecting. A sump pit, or hole set up to collect water, paired with a sump pump can be used to evacuate water from low areas. Swales and flumes can be used to divert the flow of water towards drains or other areas.


Surface Drain                                                    French Drain

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