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Drainage Corrections

Foundation drainage is essential to the health of a foundation. No matter how well built a foundation is, it needs proper drainage to stay in the best condition. Some soil in the DFW metroplex is expansive, which means it will expand when wet and shrink when dry. These soils can negatively impact the integrity of a foundation. If the saturation of soil is kept at a constant level, a foundation will be less prone to need repair.

Metro-Tex Foundation offers many solutions to regulate drainage property, including drains, pumps, and barriers. The most commonly used drains are the french drain, which contains a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel, and surface drains, which slope away from the foundation to prevent water from collecting. A sump pit, or hole set up to collect water, paired with a sump pump can be used to evacuate water from low areas. Swales and flumes can be used to divert the flow of water towards drains or other areas.


Surface Drain                                                    French Drain

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