"Shielding Your Home From Harm"

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Slab Repair

Metro-Tex Foundation, Inc. specializes in drileld-pier foundation repair. Metro-Tex is focused on refining the techniques required to install drilled piers correctly.

Why we use drilled pier technology:

  1. It is the oldest and most proven method of foundation repair. As it is also the most time-consuming, many companiues have switched to cheaper alternatives.  Not Metro-Tex, we remain focus on quality installation. 
  2. We know hat we stand on! If shallow rock or bedrock is encountered, we have methods to mitigate those barriers.  Other methods stop when they encounter objects. 
  3. Concrete is forever.  Concrete never stops getting stronger and never rusts.

While drilled piers are our preference, Metro-Tex has the equipment, man power and knowledge to install steel piers and precast concrete pressed pilings. 

Family owned and operated since 2000 has helped ensure quality foundation repair on each home. Attention to detail and pride in our service is what we value. Our priority is pride in our work not the profit margin at the end of the week.

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