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Landscape Solutions

Metro-Tex Foundation offers a variety of landscaping services to the homeowner upon completion of work including mulching, trimming of trees, and irrigation systems.

Metro-Tex Foundation recommends a drip irrigation system for its efficiency and flexibility. Drip systems are a method of irrigating plants that works by slowly dripping water to individual plants with small hoses. A properly installed drip system will conserve water, prevent soil erosion, and prevent weed growth. Metro-Tex Foundation can customize a drip system to match the indivdual needs of any garden, flowerbed, etc.

Metro-Tex Foundation's landscape specialists understand the climate of the DFW area, and can recommend the best vegetation for climate conditions and foundation health. Certain vegetation can improve drainage, and therefore lead to better foundation health, however, the root systems and water consumption of some trees and shrubs can cause problems to a foundation. Metro-Tex Foundation looks at each case individually and can tailor recommendations appropriate for maintaining a healthy foundation.

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