Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Foundation

  • Monitor Drainage: It is important to review the drainage pattern around your home during rains. This will give you a great idea about where water is standing and needing to be channeled. Adding gutters and/or extra drainage to your home are both always in the best interests of the foundation.
  • Balance Grading: Make certain the ground, grass, or flowerbeds are graded away from the house. Balancing moisture is key and maintaining proper lot drainage is absolutely important!
  • Repair known plumbing issues. Because most plumbing systems are routed directly through or under the slab, any plumbing issue can directly impact your home’s foundation. Have your plumbing and irrigation inspected every few years to catch hidden problems early.
  • Plant carefully: Plant new shrubs or trees at least 2 feet away from the foundation. Planting too close to the foundation can cause excessive upward or downward movement, depending on what is planted.
  • Watch those roots: A little sapling can have enormous roots within a few years.  Installing a  root barrier may be needed if mature trees and shrubs are an issue.
  • Repair Existing Cracks: Any visible crack in the slab over 1 millimeter should be filled with mortar, silicon or another concrete crack sealing agent. These types of cracks may not call for full foundation repair services but their reoccurrence is a sign the foundation is moving. If these cracks are sealed, future issues may be avoided, but if they continue to form you should contact us so we can check the slab for failure.
  • Water, water, water: Water your yard around the foundation. Without natural rainfall, a home’s foundation shoudl be watered on its perimeter at least 2 times a week.

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What Our Customers Say

THANK YOU! Steve and Mandy for the excellent service that you provided in repairing my foundation. I am very pleased with the price. Service was super your people did a very neat and clean job. Thank you for understanding my situation and helping me out.

Karen, Mesquite

Thank you for the excellent service that you provided in repairing our foundation. I was pleased with the price, the courteous service, and certainly with the efficiency in which the job was done. Thank you again

Jeff, Mesquite

I have used Metro-Tex Foundation for the past 8 years on multiple projects, because they deliver honesty, clarity, and confidence in every job performed. Their expertise in identifying the source of the problem (when it is sometimes not so obvious), along with offering successful solutions for any foundation type (even when it means not performing foundation repair) makes me trust who I am using. If you are rehabbing houses in North Texas, you are eventually going to need foundation repair. When you do, why not select the best resource available and call Metro-Tex Foundation.

Mike, Dallas

I’ve had Metro-Tex repair the foundation on 2 different houses for me. The service has been excellent and very professional. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. Keep up the good work!

Rita, Garland

Steve you have done several jobs for me and my family and you are awesome. I want to thank you for taking the time to explain to me about my foundation problem and which repair solution I should use. What you taught me saved me thousands of dollars. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your honesty, generosity and patience.

Diane, Rowlett

I used your company twice and I appreciate the fact that it never seems to be about money. Your company always tries to find a way to do it the least expensive way without cutting corners.

Tom, Sachse

We want to thank everyone with this company that worked so hard to repair our foundation. We watched the entire time you were at our home and saw how everyone that worked at our home was respectful of our property. All the mess was contained and cleared by the men that repaired our foundation. The owner Steve Sutherland is generous and fair about everything he does. We thank you so much for all you did to fix our problems.

Kenny, Arlington

I just wanted to say thank you. After our foundation was inspected, we were told that we had a maintenance problem not a foundation problem. We had gutters put on the house, took out the metal edging surrounding the flower beds and this solved our problem. Again, thank you so much for your honesty and time. It really means a lot to us.

Jimmy, Richardson

I wanted to thank all of you at Metro-Tex Foundaiton. My house was in very bad condition, I had several foundation companies come out. I even had an engineer report. When Steve came out there was no pressure to use him and he knew exactly what my engineer report said without even seeing the report. I used Metro-Tex because I could tell ou were very honest. I have recommended Metro-Tex to several friends that were just as happy as I was with the work done. Thank you again so much. I will continue to recommend you.


Metro-Tex did a great job at a fair price!! All my questions were answered. The work was done quickly & with very little distruption . They even did extra work spreading some dirt that plumbers had left in a pile. A great company! Will call them anytime.

Rhonda G.


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